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Below are three memoranda which discuss the problems of ventilation technology as an alternative to smoking prohibitions in public places and/or workplaces. The first memorandum (June 28, 1999) is from Dr. Sheela Basrur, Toronto's Medical Officer of Health. She reviews the ventilation technology tested in a pilot project at the Black Dog Pub in Scarborough, Ontario and concludes that under no circumstances should a ventilation option be approved as an alternative in Toronto's smoking bylaw. Click here to view the memo.

The second memorandum (updated October 2002) discusses why the "ventilation solution" proposed by various hospitality organizations is a tobacco industry-sponsored strategy, and refers to a Health Canada briefing note which explains why ventilation technology does not work - period. Click here to view the memo.

The third memorandum (September 11, 2002) is a notice which alerts the Ontario Medical Officers of Health about the Ontario Restaurant, Hotel and Motel Association (ORHMA) and the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association's (CRFA) attempt to persuade York Regional Council to pilot test ventilation technology. Ultimately, York Region's Health and Emergency Medical Services Committee rejected the proposal. Click here to view the memo.

Furthermore, Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada provides an excellent exposť of the tobacco industry's efforts to push ventilation as a viable alternative to smoking bans.

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