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Largely absent from smoke-free bylaw campaigns in Ontario until this year, the CRFA has recently surfaced as a partner of the ORHMA in promoting ventilation.



The most recent example of this partnership is a joint proposal made by CRFA President Doug Needham and ORHMA President Terry Mundell to a Region of York committee in May 2002, concerning a ventilation demonstration project they proposed to set up in the Region. York Region Council's Committee on Health and Emergency Medical Services directed staff to assess the CRFA/ORHMA proposed demonstration and report back to it on September 5th. Staff did so in a detailed report which recommended rejection of the proposed project on several grounds, not the least of which was that an unenclosed ventilation demonstration project in a York Region restaurant would contravene the terms of the Region's current bylaw, which makes all restaurants either 100% smoke-free or provides an allowance for smoking only in a separately-enclosed, separately-ventilated smoking room.

The staff report, and a related background engineering report assessing the outcome of the Black Dog Pub demonstration project, are available from the OCAT office.

The CRFA has also been mentioned in CTMC memoranda as having led a pro-ventilation lobbying effort in Nova Scotia. Click here to view the memo.









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