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There is a growing body of scientific evidence linking tobacco smoke exposure to cerebrovascular disease, otherwise known as stroke. Below are links to selected scholarly journal articles which demonstrate this link. We would like to draw your attention to the article, Passive smoking as well as active smoking increases the risk of acute stroke as a particularly good study explaining the association between passive smoke and stroke. The authors find a significant increased risk of stroke in men and in women when exposed to passive smoke. In light of the fact that most Ontarians (1998 Ipsos-Reid Poll, conducted for the Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco) do not associate tobacco smoke with stroke, it is very important that more public education relating the research is carried out.

Passive smoking as well as active smoking increases the risk of acute stroke. Bonita Ruth, et al. Tobacco Control. 1999; 8:156-160.

Ischaemic stroke risk and passive exposure to spouses' cigarette smoking. Melbourne Stroke Risk Factor Study (MERFS) Group. You RX, et al. American Journal of Public Health. April 1999; 89(4):572-575.

Cigarette Smoking and Progression of Atherosclerosis. George Howard, et al. Journal of the American Medical Association. 1998; 279: 119-124.

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