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Heart Disease

There is overwhelming evidence within the international scientific community that demonstrates a causal association between second-hand smoke exposure and heart disease. The California Environmental Protection Agency states that there is strong evidence which shows involuntary exposure to passive smoke is a cause of coronary heart disease morbidity and mortality:

    "The epidemiological data, from prospective and case-control studies conducted in diverse populations, in males and females and in western and eastern countries, are supportive of a causal association between [second-hand smoke] exposure from spousal smoking and coronary heart disease (CHD) mortality in non-smokers."

The link between heart disease and exposure to second-hand smoke has been long established through various epidemiological studies. They have shown that non-smokers exposed to passive smoke also experience carotid wall thickening and compromised endothelial function (a critical factor in the development of arteriosclerosis or fatty build-up in the arteries which can lead to coronary heart disease) as experienced in active smokers. Groundbreaking evidence in this area has shown the effects of 30 minutes of passive smoke exposure can have a damaging effect on the endothelial cell lining and coronary circulation in the arteries of the heart can eventually lead to coronary heart disease (please refer to the article below, "Acute Effects of Passive Smoking on the Coronary Circulation in Healthy Young Adults").

Below are links to selected articles on this topic:

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